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Case Results

Assault Causing Bodily Injury - CHARGES DISMISSED

Client was accused of punching another man following a verbal altercation during a pick up basketball game. Multiple witnesses gave statements against my client alleging an unprovoked attack. We were able to provide evidence of the otherwise good character of my client and the violent history and generally bad character of the complaining witness. The State agreed to reduce the case to a class C, and the case was later dismissed.

Driving While Intoxicated - NOT GUILTY VERDICT

Client's vehicle was parked beside the highway when she was first contacted by police. Client was allegedly asleep at the wheel and difficult to wake by police. While being interviewed by police, Client admitted drinking and driving but claimed that she pulled over and parked. Client's blood alcohol concentration was more than four times the legal limit. At trial the evidence failed to prove that Client had operated a motor vehicle at a time when she was intoxicated, and a NOT GUILTY verdict was returned.

Felony Probation Violation - DISMISSED

Client was on felony probation and nearing the end of the sentence. New criminal charges were filed against client in an unrelated matter. We were able to get the district attorney to hold off on revocation of the probation while we investigated the new charges. We were ultimately able to get the new charges NO BILLED by the grand jury, and prosecutors agreed to withdraw the probation violation. Client's probation was ultimately successfully completed and the charges were DISMISSED.

Criminal Mischief - CHARGES DISMISSED

Client was charged with intentionally damaging the store front of a shopping center business. The damage was alleged to been in retaliation for mistreatment of client by the store manager. Client was alleged to have engaged in this conduct repeatedly and was observed by police on the last occasion before being arrested. Client agreed not to ever go upon the premises and any restitution was provided.

Felony Assault / Domestic Violence - CHARGE REDUCED TO LESSER OFFENSE

Client was accused by ex-girlfriend of assaulting her by striking her with his fist and choking her with his hands around her neck. Photographs taken by police investigators showed various injuries to her body, however, the injuries shown failed to corroborate the complainant's account. Client was never even interviewed by police. Prosecutors agreed to reduce the charge to a lesser offense and drop the "family violence" allegation. Client received time served from the court with NO ADDITIONAL JAIL TIME.

Fail to Remain at Scene of Accident - CHARGES DISMISSED

Client was alleged to have been involved in a motor vehicle collision with another vehicle. The complaining party alleged that Client appeared intoxicated at the scene, so complainant called the police. Complainant alleged that Client then left the scene without providing the required information. Police later interviewed Client, and Client admitted involvement. We were able to demonstrate to prosecutors that Client attempted to provide the required information, however, complainant refused to cooperate and accept the information. All charges were subsequently dismissed.

Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon - CASE NO BILLED

Client was arrested and charged with threatening a neighbor with an ax. Client initially denied use of the ax, but neighbor had captured video of the incident on a cell phone. We were able to submit evidence to the Grand Jury of prior instances of aggression by the neighbor as well as a history of violence by neighbor that was known to my client. Further, we were able to demonstrate to the Grand Jury that Client's use of the ax did not constitute a threat as defined by the statute. Client was NO BILLED by the Grand Jury, and the case was DISMISSED.

Family Violence Assault - CHARGES DISMISSED

Client and Client's girlfriend became involved in a physical altercation following an argument over a cell phone and who the girlfriend was communicating with on the cell phone. The girlfriend alleged that Client struck her repeatedly in an effort to gain control of the cell phone. Police were called to the scene. The girlfriend sustained no visible injuries, but she did allege assault. Client had no criminal history. Following execution of an affidavit of non-prosecution and a single counseling session, prosecutors agreed to drop all charges.


Client is stopped by police following an alleged traffic violation. Police allege that an odor of burnt marijuana was coming from inside the vehicle. Police question Client regarding the existence of any marijuana. Client allegedly directs police to a baggie of marijuana located in the console of the car. Client has a history of arrests for marijuana. Prosecutors agree to the conditional reduction of the charge to a class c misdemeanor. No drug testing, no jail time, and no probation was required.

Failure to Stop and Render Aid - CHARGES DROPPED

Client was alleged to have struck and injured a child on a bicycle in Client's neighborhood. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene of the accident. Police investigated. Based largley on the child's description of the vehicle, police concluded that Client was the driver. Client insisted he was innocent. We submitted Client to a polygraph exam by a reputable polygrapher. Client passed the polygraph exam which confirmed Client was telling the truth. Police investigators declined to formally charge Client.

Terroristic Threat - CASE DISMISSED

Client was alleged to have called, harrassed and threatended to kill complainant over the phone. Client was charged with making a Terroristic Threat. Through the use of Client's telephone records, we were able to show that the complainant and a third party were actually the ones calling and harrassing Client and that no calls were placed by Client on the date of the alleged threat. Prosecutors dismissed all charges prior to trial.

Driving While Intoxicated - NOT GUILTY VERDICT

Client was stopped for driving without his headlights on. Client was driving his wife's car that evening. Client's own car had automatic headlights, but his wife's car only had daylights. Police subjected Client to a set of field sobriety tests. Police claimed that Client failed those tests. Client refused to submit to a breath test but was willing to take a blood test. Police declined to offer a blood test. We were able to effectively challenge the officer's conclusion of intoxication at trial, and the jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict.

Theft from an Elderly Person - CASE NO BILLED

Client was alleged to have engaged in a contract to perform services for a homeowner. Client received partial payment for those services. Client began performance of the services. As the project neared completion, Client and homeowner became involved in a verbal disagreement as to how the job would be completed. The project terminated as a result. Homeowner alleged that Client accepted payment with no intention of completing the job. Police charged Client with Theft from an Elderly Person. The Grand Jury agreed that this was not theft, and the case was NO BILLED.

Driving While Intoxicated - CHARGES DISMISSED

Client was pulled over by police on a routine traffic stop. Police claimed to smell an odor of burnt marijuana. Client initially denied any marijuana use. Client was forced to undergo standardized field sobriety testing and additional testing targeting consumption of narcotics. Police arrested Client alleging he was intoxicated due to the ingestion of substances, and a blood test was conducted. The test results returned allegedly positive for illegal substances. Although positive for illegal substances, the quantities of each were relatively low. Prosecutors agreed to dismiss all charges.

Theft of Property - CASE DISMISSED

Client was charged with Theft after allegedly shoplifting from a department store. Client was not a United States citizen. Client had legally entered the United States by was required to leave before the case went to court. Client desired to resolve the case, but due to the existence of the criminal charges, Client was not allowed to travel from the country of Client's residence. After explaining the situation to prosecutors, they agreed to DISMISS the case on condition that Client complete an online anti-theft course. Client will later become eligible for expunction of Client's arrest record.

Family Violence Assault - CASE DISMISSED

Client's wife called 911 and reported to police that Client struck her across the face. Police arrived on the scene and interviewed both parties. Client was arrested and charged with assault. Client's wife executed and affidavit of non-prosecution. By agreement with the prosecuting attorney, Client completed an 8 hour anger management class and ALL CHARGES were DISMISSED.

Terroristic Threat and Interference with 911 Call - CHARGES DISMISSED

Police were called to the scene following a 911 hang up. Police interviewed Client and his wife. Client's wife told police that Client had threatened to kill her and had taken the phone from her hand when she attempted to call for help. Client's wife ultimately signed an affidavit admitting that certain statements made to the police were not true. Evidence was also provided to prosecutors that Client's wife was the aggressor and that she had been violent in the past. The case was set for trial, and prosecutors ultimately dismissed all charges.

Driving While Intoxicated - NOT GUILTY VERDICT

Client was found by police sleeping behind the wheel of his vehicle in a restaurant parking lot. Client was asked to submit to field sobriety tests to which he complied. Police concluded that Client was intoxicated, and he was taken to jail. At trial officers testified that upon police contact and after being awakened, Client put his vehicle in gear in an attempt to leave the scene. We were able to present video evidence as to the operation of Client's vehicle and its lighting system which disproved the officer's testimony. The jury found client NOT GUILTY.

Possession of Marijuana - CASE DISMISSED

Client was charged with Possession of Marijuana. Following a traffic stop of Client's vehicle, police discovered a smell of burnt marijuana coming the inside the vehicle. Client consented to a search of the vehicle. Police located a small baggie of marijuana located beneath the passenger's seat. Additional paraphernalia was located within the vehicle. Client denied possession. Client had no criminal history and submitted to a urinalysis which tested clear of any illegal substances. Prosecutors agreed to dismiss the case.

Burglary of a Habitation - CASE DISMISSED

Client was involved in a verbal altercation with a neighbor. It was alleged that Client forced her way into the neighbor's apartment and assaulted the neighbor by striking the neighbor with Client's fists and a broom handle. Police investigated and took photographs of the neighbor's injuries. Client was arrested for Burglary of a Habitation with intent to commit assault. We were able to provide third party witness testimony which contradicted the neighbor's account and demontstrated that the neighbor was the aggressor. Prosecutors DISMISSED ALL CHARGES.

Sexual Assault - CASE NO BILLED

Client was arrested and alleged to have committed Sexual Assault. Client denied any knowledge of the event. The incident was alleged to have involved a stranger. We were able to demonstrate that Client possessed certain physical characteristics which would have been apparent to the complainant had Client actually committed the offense. No such physical characteristics were described by the complainant following the assault. Client was NO BILLED by the Grand Jury.

Family Violence Assault - CASE DISMISSED

Client and his wife became engaged in a verbal disagreement. Client's wife called 911 and alleged that Client had caused injuries to her hand and arm. Police arrived and photographed the wife's injuries. Client was charged with assault. Wife later signed an affidavit of non-prosecution requesting that charges be dropped. Client had no criminal history and was otherwise a reputable person in the community. Prosecutors agreed to dismissal of the charges upon Client's completion of an online anger management class. The case was DISMISSED.


Client was arrested following a shoplifting incident at the mall. Client was contacted by loss prevention attempting to leave the store with stolen merchandise. Loss prevention officers attempted to recover the merchandise from Client. Client struck both loss prevention officers in the face and body repeatedly causing minor injury to each officer. Client had no prior criminal history. We were able to demonstrate extraordinary personal history to prosecutors which mitigated Client's culpability. Prosecutors agreed to reduce the felony charges to lesser misdemeanor offenses. Client completed a short probationary period, and the cases were dismissed.

Family Violence Assault - NOT GUILTY VERDICT

Client and the complainant became inolved in a verbal argument at the complainant's residence. Client attempted to leave the residence. The complainant got possession of Client's keys to his car. Client attempted to recover the keys using the least amount of force necessary. Complainant was injured in the process. Police arrived and photographed complainant's injuries. Police then went to Client's place of employment and arrested him. At trial we were able to catch the complainant lying repeatedly on the witness stand and that any injury to complainant only occurred as Client attempted to lawfully recover his personal property. The jury returned a VERDICT of NOT GUILTY.

Possession of Prohibited Weapon - CASE DISMISSED

Client pulled over by police on a traffic stop. Client had outstanding warrants for arrest. Client was taken into custody. Client was found to be in possession of a set of knuckles. Police charged client with possession of a prohibited weapon. We presented evidence to the State that the knuckles were simply a novelty item and were not possessed as a weapon. Client was asked to take an 8 hour online cognitive thinking class, and the case was DISMISSED.

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon - CASE NO BILLED

Client became engaged in a verbal altercation with Client's spouse. Both had been drinking. The altercation escalated and Client got ahold of a handgun and allegedly pointed the handgun in the spouse's direction. Client's spouse called the police. The police investigated the incident and placed Client under arrest for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Upon release from jail, Client was advised to undergo intensive treatment for alcohol dependence. We prepared Client's spouse to testify before the Grand Jury as well as submitting a packet regarding the Client's personal history. The Grand Jury agreed to NO BILL the case, and all charges were dismissed.

Fraudulent Identifying Information - CASE DISMISSED AND RECORD SEALED

Client was arrested and charged with Fraudulent Possession of Identifying Information. Client was caught on video using the fraudulent information in a department store. Police investigated, and Client gave a statement to police confessing to Client's involvement. Client accepted a reduced charge with a short duration of probation. We subsequently obtained for Client an early release from probation and then secured a non-disclosure of Client's criminal history thereby sealing Client's arrest record. Client is now a self-employed, entrepreneur and running a successful business.

Possession of Marijuana - CASE REDUCED AND DISMISSED

Client was contacted by police on a traffic stop for a moving violation. Police detected on odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Client admitted to having smoked marijuana. Police searched the vehilce and located a quantity of marijuana. We secured a reduction of the case to a class C paraphernalia ticket, and the case was later dismissed. Client was very happy to have had NO JAIL TIME and NO PROBATION.

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon - CASE NO BILLED

Client became involved with another driver in a road rage incident. The incident continued into the parking lot of an area shopping mall. The other driver confronted Client in the parking lot of the mall. Client was a properly licensed and trained gun owner. Client, fearing for his safety, exhibited his weapon in a show of force toward the other driver. Police were called to the scene and concluded that Client had committed a criminal offense. Client was arrested for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. We successfully demonstrated to the Grand Jury that Client feared for his safety and used no greater force than was necessary to insure his protection. The case was NO BILLED and the charges were DISMISSED.

Possession of Weapon in Prohibited Place - NO BILLED

Client entered the DFW International Airport carrying a handbag that contained several items including a weapon carried for Client's protection. Client had forgotten that the weapon was in her bag. The weapon was in no way hidden and was easily discovered by TSA during standard screening for entry into the airport. Client was arrested and charged with Possession of Weapon in Places Weapons Prohibited. We were able to demonstrate to the Grand Jury that this was simply an accident and that Client had no intention to enter the airport with the weapon. Client had no other criminal history, and we provided extensive history of Client's good character. The matter was NO BILLED by the Grand Jury, and ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED.

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I was very lucky to find a excellent lawyer like Mr. Price. He was very professional and patient, and answered all my questions and concerns in detail. And, he would follow up with me with the latest updates, until the case was successfully dismissed. Will definitely refer him to families and friends if needed. Highly recommended! Justin
An amazing lawyer who looked over everything, explained all options possible for my case, and got me exactly what I was wanting. Couldn't ask for a better attorney for my case. Nicole M.
Mr. Price was great and i was very pleased with his work and knowledge of how to get the job done. He put himself in my shoes and fought like there was no tomorrow. If theres anyone i want on my side its Attorney Price. Thank you for your work and my no billed outcome! Your the man. Chris I.