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Drug Possession How We Can Help Drug Possession and Delivery

Arrested for drugs that were not yours?

Being arrested and charged with any type of crime can be a very frightening event. Being arrested for someone else’s illegal drugs simply because the police officer couldn’t figure out whose drugs they really were violates your rights and exposes you to further criminal penalties.

Have you been arrested for possession of illegal drugs or narcotics or possession of prescription drugs? If so, you could be facing severe penalties which could include large fines, probation, prison time and suspension of your driver’s license.

If you have been arrested for misdemeanor or felony drug possession, you need the counsel of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. As your attorney, Waren Price will work hard to protect your rights throughout the legal process, and provide the most compelling defense possible.

Criminal Drug Cases Waren Price Can Handle For You

Criminal lawyer Waren Price has handled hundreds and hundreds of drug cases involving marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, heroin, and more. He represents individuals charged with drug-related crimes including:

-Illegal Drug Possession
-Prescription Drug Possession
-Prescription Fraud
-Drug Manufacturing
-Drug Delivery and Distribution
-Selling illegal drugs and other controlled substances
-Drug Trafficking
-Juvenile drug crimes

With extensive experience handling criminal cases in front of juries, attorney Waren Price is very aware of the strategies prosecutors use when working against accused drug offenders. He combines this knowledge with his commitment to providing personalized services to create a defense that meets the unique needs of his clients.

Drug and Narcotics Charges

The most critical piece of information to remember is this: If you have been charged with drug possession, contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Attacking the prosecution of a case early on can greatly affect the outcome.

Waren Price understands that an individual charged with a drug crime faces severe penalties if convicted. He works closely with clients to understand their situation, and works from there to develop the most compelling defense possible. His record of success is a testament to his commitment to the people of north Texas, and he will be equally committed to you, if you seek our services.

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