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Family Law
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Protecting Your Family And Future

Few legal issues are more impactful than those affecting your family – especially your children and their future. When you’re faced with the uncertainty of a divorce, separation or child custody case, you may feel overwhelmed and stressed to the max. At The Price Firm, PLLC, we’re here to help.

Our attorneys understand what you’re going through. We can be your advocates and advisers, standing by your side and fighting for the future you imagine. We have decades of experience – including trial experience – and are ready to stand up for you in court if needed. In many cases, however, our thorough preparation helps lay the groundwork for a successful out-of-court resolution. From our office in Plano, we handle family law cases throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Addressing The Full Range Of Family Law Issues

You can turn to our firm for help with any kind of family law case, including:

  • Divorce: Ending a marriage requires addressing numerous legal, financial and practical considerations. We can protect your interests and help you pursue a favorable arrangement in all these issues, including property division and spousal maintenance (alimony).
  • Child custody: Known as “conservatorship” and “possession and access,” in Texas, child custody is an important arrangement addressing all aspects of your children’s lives, from their living situation and parenting time schedule to decision-making authority.
  • Child support: Along with custody, child support is a critical piece of the puzzle for sorting out parental responsibilities. Texas uses child support guidelines that take into account income and the number of children. Deviations may be warranted in certain circumstances, however.
  • Paternity: If legal parenthood hasn’t been established, whether through marriage or a birth certificate, then formal paternity proceedings may be necessary.
  • Adoptions: We can help you with private, stepparent or family member adoptions, ensuring a smoother process.
  • Child protection issues: If you are facing child protection proceedings or involuntary termination of your parental rights, we can help you navigate the proceedings and fight for your relationship with your children.
  • Modifications and enforcement: Even after the initial divorce or custody matter is resolved, problems may continue to arise years later. We can help you address them.

When you work with us, you can expect to have open lines of communication directly with your lawyer. You won’t be shuffled amongst associates or have to go through many layers of barriers to reach them. This gives our clients peace of mind – they know we are here for them when they need us, even for quick questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law Issues

Below are some common questions we hear about family law. Please talk to our lawyers about your specific situation.

How long do family law cases take?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer. It depends on many things: the complexity of your case, whether you and the other parent or spouse are able to working things out, how many court hearings are needed, and other factors that may be beyond your control. When you talk with our lawyers, we can give you a rough idea of what to expect in terms of the process and general timeframe.

How is child custody decided in Texas?

Texas, like other states, bases custody decisions on the best interests of the children. This determination takes numerous factors into account, including:

  • The children’s needs, physically and emotionally
  • Both parties’ involvement in the children’s lives and fitness as parents
  • Each parent’s living situation and ability to provide a safe, stable environment for the kids
  • Each parent’s ability to foster a meaningful relationship between the children and their other parent
  • And other factors

In many cases, a judicial determination is not necessary if you and the other parent can reach a custody arrangement outside of court. Our lawyers can help you navigate your options as you approach this high-stakes issue.

What if I need to relocate with the children?

Assuming a custody order is already in place, it depends on the nature of your arrangement. If you have sole custody – or “sole managing conservatorship” – you may have the right to relocate the children without needing the other parent’s sign-off. Absent that, however, you have two options: either reach a written agreement with the other parent or pursue relocation in court. Either way, the judge will have to sign off on it. They typically look at the best interests of the children and your reasons for pursuing the relocation.

Talk With An Attorney About Your Family Law Case

You deserve strong, knowledgeable representation throughout your family law case. We can protect your interests and help you navigate the process, providing peace of mind and assurance that you’re not alone.

To discuss your family law questions and concerns, please reach out to our legal team through our website or by phone at 972-427-7030. We look forward to speaking with you.