Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Bad FaithCollin County Insurance Bad Faith Claims Lawyer

Have you recently been denied after submitting a perfectly legitimate claim to your insurance company? Then you need to speak with our bad-faith insurance attorney at the offices of The Price Law Firm in north Texas.

In a "bad faith" insurance case, a policy holder's claim is wrongfully denied by their insurance company and payments are withheld without justification. This happens more often than you might think. If it has happened to you, contact our Frisco law offices right away.

How Insurers Commit "Bad Faith"

Among the numerous examples of how an insurer can commit bad faith and deny your claim are:

  • Failure to investigate a claim in a timely manner
  • Unnecessary delay in payment of benefits
  • Offering inadequate, unfair value for losses suffered
  • Unfair interpretation of the insured's policy
  • Refusal to reach a settlement in the case
  • Refusal to reimburse you for the entirety of your loss
How Insurers Breach Policy Contracts

Insurance companies have been known to attempt to breach policy contracts in these instances:

  • Auto accidents
  • Homeowner claims
  • Life insurance claims
  • Disability insurance claims
  • Wind and water damage

If your "good faith" insurance claim has been denied in any kind of insurance dispute, get in touch with our bad-faith insurance claims attorney today. As a former insurance defense lawyer, we know how these companies think and how to thwart their methods. You never pay any up front fees, and you pay nothing unless we win your case.

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