Marijuana Possession

Marijuana As many states have begun to reevaluate and reform their laws on marijuana possession, Texas continues to be a proud leader in the number of arrests of persons found in possession of marijuana. That doesn’t appear likely to change anytime soon. In Texas, prosecution for marijuana possession can result in fines, probation, jail time, driver’s license suspension, and even prison time. If you or a loved one has been arrested for marijuana possession, you will need an experienced attorney who can guide and protect you through this process.

Why do I need an attorney for my marijuana case?

People accused of marijuana possession sometimes choose to represent themselves in the defense of their case. All too often these same people later come to me when they find that their driver’s license has been suspended, they are facing revocation of a burdensome probation, or their arrest record is now keeping them from getting a job. Many of these people had defensible cases, but because they chose to go it alone and represent themselves, they missed the chance of perhaps getting their case dismissed or prevailing at trial. An experienced attorney can help you analyze your case for possible defenses that you may not be aware of and often can present you with options for resolution of your case that help you protect your record, your driver’s license, and your future. A marijuana conviction is there for life and is not something that should be taken lightly.

Why would the state suspend my driver’s license for marijuana possession?

The State of Texas will suspend your driver’s license upon conviction for possession of any useable quantity of marijuana, even if you were not driving at the time of your arrest. The statute that mandates suspension has nothing to do with the operation of a motor vehicle. It relates more broadly to any conviction for marijuana or drug possession. If you don’t have a driver’s license at the time of your arrest, the State will simply deny your later request to get a license. The period of suspension or denial is generally 180 days. If you are later stopped while driving on a suspended license, guess what? You get arrested again and are subject to many of the same penalties as before. Don’t fall into this cycle. Contact an experienced attorney to help you navigate this process. Call us today.

If I just take probation, won’t the case later drop off my record?

Many people operate under the mistaken assumption that taking probation or deferred adjudication on their marijuana case will result in the charges later dropping off their record. This simply is not the case. If you are arrested, then you will have an arrest record. If you plead guilty and go on probation or deferred adjudication, then you will have a record that includes a guilty plea and probation. An attorney experienced in the defense of marijuana possession can guide you through this process to put you in the best position of later being able to clear the marijuana arrest from your record. Let us help you. Contact us today.

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