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Serious crashes caused by the reckless or negligent use of much larger vehicles—such as contractors' pickup trucks, semi trucks, or commercial 18-wheelers—often cause the worst injuries. If you are injured in such a crash, you deserve full, fair, and just compensation for your suffering and expenses.

Our skilled personal injury lawyer at The Price Law Firm in Frisco has worked diligently to help improve the lives of many north Texas clients who have suffered physically, financially, and emotionally after a semi truck accident. Our almost ten years of experience can be of vital assistance to you too. Please contact our north Texas law offices if you find yourself in the same serious situation.

Large Vehicles, Larger Impact

Here are examples of commercial or government-owned trucks, buses, or vans that are often involved in serious injury or wrongful death accidents:

  • 18-wheeler semi trucks for commercial use

  • Vans driven by on-duty public employees

  • Dump trucks, heavy-duty pickups, or construction vehicles

  • Tanker trucks

  • Delivery trucks and vans

  • Hospitality vans

  • Shuttle vehicles

  • Haulers of hazardous materials

  • Automobile carriers

  • School, charter, church, or city buses

So we can begin our extensive research into your commercial truck or 18-wheeler-related accident as soon as possible, you should contact our commercial vehicle accident injury lawyer at The Price Law Firm immediately. We are available 24/7 to make things right for you.

Our Thorough Investigations

Our north Texas law offices consistently monitor federal motor carrier safety regulations. As we investigate conditions surrounding your accident, we can pinpoint such causes as driver fatigue, excess loads, "road rage," inadequate inspection, and incomplete maintenance of a vehicle.

A professional driver's background, or lack thereof, can also come into play. These drivers are held to a higher standard of safety than are private drivers because they work in a regulated profession with dangerous equipment.

Our investigators also explore training methods, hiring procedures, and the safety records of everyone involved in your serious trucking wreck.

Due to the size of these vehicles and the magnitude of the damage they can cause, we sometimes represent clients who have suffered permanent disabilities. If you or a loved one has been permanently affected by such injuries, we will call on our close working relationships with the medical community to bring swift attention to your physical and emotional needs.

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Have you sustained serious personal injuries from a collision with a semi truck or 18-wheeler in the Dallas or north Texas areas? Our skilled, accomplished trucking accident lawyer in Frisco will seek just, full, and fair compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

We're The Price Law Firm, serving north Texas, including Dallas County and Collin County for almost a decade.

The quality legal representation we offer our tractor trailer accident injury victims can be yours after a simple phone call, fax, or e-mail to schedule your free initial consultation. Contact us today. We look forward to discussing your legal needs.

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